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• Monthly: UMass Landscape Message

• TickTalk is Back!
DATE: the 2nd Wed. of the month @ 12noon
WHERE: Lenox Memorial School, 197 East St, Lenox, MA 01240
Starting in February, we will hear from Dr. Stephen Rich and the UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology (LMZ) every month! This FREE series is brought to you by the UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology and UMass Extension. TickTalk in 2020 will also feature exciting guest speakers on tick topics that you told us were important to YOU. The series will include seasonality and life stages of ticks (key to planning intervention and prevention), emerging or invasive tick species, how ticks use vegetation and leaf litter throughout their life cycle, increasing fears of Alpha-gal allergies (allergies to certain meat and animal-related products), dispelling myths of tick control, and many more. Mosquito concerns, including life cycle, behavior, and EEE infection, will also be addressed and Dr. Rich will discuss the tens of thousands of mosquitoes the LMZ tests each year for a range of viruses.

Pre-registration is required for joining this webinar. For more information visit TickReport.

Upcoming Events

• April 20, 2024 - BBG - Gardening for Hummingbirds
Ruby-throated hummingbirds are amazing creatures and always a wonder to see. Make your yard a haven for these tiny flying jewels with a great selection of native plants that provide food sources and nesting sites all season long. This class, held on Saturday, April 20, from 10 a.m. to noon, is taught by Duncan Himmelman. Duncan Himmelman earned his doctorate at Cornell University and taught horticultural science at the college level for 24 years. He recently retired as the education manager at Mt. Cuba Center, a public garden in Delaware devoted to native plant advocacy. He continues to enjoy teaching, designing landscapes and promoting ecologically focused gardening practices. .
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/gardening-hummingbirds


• April 20 - NYBG - Earth Day 2024: Wildflowers of NYC
11 AM - 12 NOON at the Garden
NYBG's annual Earth Day celebration highlights the Garden's central work to advocate for the plants of the world and offers visitors a beautiful space to honor our surroundings. This year, join photographer and author Andrew Garn as he shares his explorations of the flowering wildlife of New York City. From the swamps of Staten Island to the dense forests of Central Park, the marshes of Jamaica Bay, the rocky hills of the Bronx, and many sidewalk cracks along the way, Garn introduces over 2,000 wildflowers in his beautiful book, Wildflowers of New York City. His photography invites us to look and then look again—to appreciate the marvels of nature that we might have otherwise passed by. Following his visually stunning presentation, Garn will be joined by NYBG's Curator of the Native Plant Garden and the Rock Garden, Michael Hagen, for a conversation highlighting the importance of wildflowers in our urban habitats.
Link for info: https://www.nybg.org/event/earth-day-2024-wildflowers-of-new-york-city


• April 20, 2024 - BBG - Native Groundcovers
Kick mulch to the curb! Replace it with a beautiful tapestry of foliage and flowers that are more visually appealing and ecologically valuable. Discover a selection of tough, versatile native plants to use as groundcovers in a variety of growing conditions with Duncan Himmelman on April 20, from 1 to 3 p.m. Gardeners of all levels will benefit from this addition to their gardening know-how.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/native-groundcovers-0


• April 24, 2024 - BBG - Landscape Smartphone Photography
Whether your passion is photographing your garden, close-ups of flowers, or broad-brush images of the most beautiful landscapes in the area, this workshop, on Wednesday, April 24 from 9 to 11 a.m., has been designed for you. Apple-certified teacher Thaddeus B. Kubis will explore floral photography, creative composition and garden photography using smartphones, tablets, DSLR/mirrorless or film photographic systems. This two-hour session will explore how to capture the creative beauty of the Berkshires and surrounding region landscapes, and will include operation of your camera system, creative composition, basic editing, and sharing your creative compositions..
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/landscape-smartphone-photography


• April 27, 2024 - BBG - Mindful Beekeeping
Beekeeper and founder of Bee Resonance Project Asher Silverwolff takes participants on a grounding and calming journey into the inner world of bees on Saturday, April 27, from 10 a.m. to noon. Participants will experience meditation, show and tell, touch and feel and lots of time for Q&A. Asher will share stories of his relationship with bees, how it helps him relax and stay focused, what the year ahead looks like, and explore together as a group how the Bee Resonance Project might support those interested in taking up the mantle of beekeeping or already keeping bees.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/mindful-beekeeping


• April 27, 2024 - BBG - Pollinator Paradise
"Bee-friendly" backyards support lots of pollinators and beneficial insects, which make gardens more beautiful. Master Gardener Chris Ferrero will discuss important pollinators and their needs and habits in a garden on Saturday, April 27, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Participants will discover ways to adapt home landscapes to attract and sustain pollinators with a wide diversity of flowering plants for home gardens, as well as learn about the importance of native plants and the role of "nativars."
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/pollinator-paradise


• May 2 - 4, 2024 - BBG - Spring Wildflowers
In this two-part class, botanist Ted Elliman will focus on the wildflowers that grace Berkshire County's spring woods. The evening program on Thursday, May 2, at 5 p.m. on Zoom, will present an overview of native wildflowers found in several kinds of forest communities in the Berkshires, with a focus on their identification features and particular habitats. The Saturday, May 4 walk, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., will be in woodlands notable for the beauty, abundance and variety of their spring flora. There will be a BBG van option for up to 10 people on Saturday, May 4, departing at 10 a.m. and returning at 2 p.m. Please bring lunch to enjoy in the field.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/spring-wildflowers-0


• May 4, 2024 - BBG - Spring Tree Identification
In this class, on Saturday, May 4, from 9 a.m. to noon, and led by Tom Ingersoll and Melissa LeVangie-Ingersoll, participants will revisit trees through the seasons (this class will look at the Spring season), and witness their unique characteristics with and without leaves. Identify species of trees as their leaves begin to sprout, ID a tree by its bark, and understand which trees flower in spring. Come join in the journey of the magic of trees, starting with how to identify them in the landscape and forest settings.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/spring-tree-identification


• May 4, 2024 - BBG - Cultivating Mushrooms Outside
Start spring early with a dive into the fungal kingdom on Saturday, May 4, from 1 to 3 p.m. Instructor Willie Crosby will teach participants how to inoculate logs, wood chips and stumps for mushroom cultivation in your backyard. Learn the basic information everyone should know about fungi and get hands-on experience doing these easy-to-replicate growing methods. By the end of class, you will be familiar with six different wild mushroom species, and three cultivation techniques and have loads of new fungal lore to share with your friends.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/cultivating-mushrooms-outside-0


• May 4, 2024 - BBG - New Moon Botanical Bounty: Creating & Using Herbal Infused Oils
Delight in a spring-inspired tea while making lip balms, skin salves, and roll-on perfume/bug repellent energized by the Flower Moon on Saturday, May 4, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. In this beginner-friendly class led by Nicole Irene, participants will learn techniques to extract the healing properties of herbs and infuse them into nourishing oils. This workshop will empower participants to harness the healing potential of nature. All students will make and take home a lip balm, salve, infused oil, mason jar of herbs, and a handout with basic instructions. These aromatic treasures will serve as a reminder of your enchanting experience and the mason jar of herbs can be used to infuse future batches of oil. This workshop welcomes all enthusiasts who share a passion for the power of plants. .
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/new-moon-botanical-bounty-creating-and-using-herbal-infused-oils


• May 5, 2024 - BBG - Floral Arranging Demonstration
As part of our Roy Boutard Day celebration on May 5, join our Manager of Buildings & Grounds Kurt Dietrich from 3 to 4 p.m., as he demonstrates the construction of a formal flower arrangement: from cut flower selection to structural advice, and tips for longevity while putting together two types of tabletop arrangements. Enjoy the spectrum between structured formality and fanciful whimsy… and walk away with inspiration!
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/floral-arranging-demonstration


• May 9, 2024 - NCNC - Seventh Annual Lecture & Luncheon with Bunny Williams
Join us at our Seventh Annual Lecture & Luncheon to benefit the New Canaan Nature Center. The luncheon will be held on Thursday, May 9, 2024 at the Country Club of New Canaan. Your support for this signature event helps strengthen our appreciation for the outdoors. Most importantly, your participation will help support the Nature Center and its mission to inspire people of all ages to respect, protect and enjoy the world of nature. In the spirit of being kind to our environment, we encourage everyone to please carpool to the event!
Link for info: https://www.classy.org/event/seventh-annual-lecture-and-luncheon-2024/e523803


• May 10 - 11, 2024 - BBG - 47th Annual Plants and Answers Plant Sale
The Berkshire Botanical Garden's 47th Annual Plants-and-Answers Plant Sale will be held on May 10 and 11. Curated by BBG's horticulture staff, this year's Plant Sale features hundreds of perennials, annuals and vegetables with a focus on diversity and nature-based landscaping, a trend toward gardens that are exuberant and alive, out of the uniform and into something comfortable, and welcoming to birds, bees and butterflies. Hours for the general public on Friday from 11 to 5 and Saturday from 9 to 4.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/bbgs-47th-annual-plants-and-answers-plant-sale


• May 16, 2024 - CT Hort - Roses for New England
expert rosarians Mike & Angelina Chute

West Hartford—Connecticut Horticultural Society continues its season of speaker meetings with "Roses for New England," featuring Mike & Angelina Chute, at 7pm on Thurs., May 16 at Elmwood Community Center and via Zoom. The presentation will be followed with a Q&A. Elmwood Community Center is at 1106 New Britain Avenue in West Hartford.
Roses for New England is a special presentation for every rose lover who wants to grow hardy, healthy, and disease resistant roses in their home gardens. This program specifically addresses the merits and challenges of rose gardening in New England. Novice rose gardeners will find everything they need to know to successfully grow roses and experienced gardeners will utilize this program as a ready reference to enable them to grow better roses. Mike and Angelina Chute’s book, Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening is the companion reference to this program.
Link for info: https://cthort.org/event/roses-for-new-england-with-mike-angelina-chute-may-16-2024/


• May 16 - 17, 2024 - BBG - Language of Flowers Continues with a Splash of Yellow
Join Anastasia Traina for a two-day workshop on Thursday, May 16 and Friday, May 17, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., exploring color in the world of flowers. In this workshop, participants will delve into the fascinating world of color mixing and incorporate the psychology of color. Using watercolor and colored pencils, participants will explore the yellow and red hues, of which yellow is associated with warmth, positivity, and energy, while red is often linked to passion, energy, and intensity. Participants will also explore greens, considering the technical aspects of color mixing, but also the emotional and psychological responses that different shades of green can evoke. In the realm of watercolors, participants will experiment with creating a stunning rainbow grisaille effect. Grisaille involves painting in shades of gray to mimic the appearance of sculpture or drawing. By combining the technical aspects of color mixing with an understanding of color psychology, participants will not only expand artistic skills, but also infuse a deeper layer of meaning and emotion into botanical creations.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/language-flowers-continues-splash-yellow


• May 16, 2024 - BBG - Boggy Meadow and Bunker Farm
Join BBG for a trip to Walpole, NH on Thursday, May 16, to visit Boggy Meadow Farm, a three-acre, historic farm dating from 1812, and known for crafting cheese, growing heirloom beans and pressing cider vodka. The garden, planted by Fanny Peabody Mason on a small bluff above the Connecticut River, is an informal garden, with many elements of an older, more formal garden. There are English borders, a grape arbor, and a small sunken garden with a narrow ravine down to a stream. The Boggy Meadow Farm tour will be followed by lunch at French-themed restaurant Burdick's on Main Street. NOTE: Restaurant reservations are required; please send any food or allergy issues in advance. The last stop will be The Bunker Farm, in Dummerston, VT, where unique plants are grown using sustainable, almost entirely organic practices and biological pest and disease management. Their plants are mostly raised from seed, which is either collected year after year, selecting seed from the best plants, or sourced from reputable seed companies in the USA and abroad. The selection of plants for sale is a combination of tried and true performers as well as many rare and unusual speciality plants. We will leave BBG at 8:30 a.m. and return by 8 p.m. As of March 26, 2024, the seats on the bus are taken. We are happy to have you sign up, but you will need to carpool, or drive on your own. Hope you will join us!.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/boggy-meadow-and-bunker-farm


• May 18, 2024 - BBG - Gardening for Baby Boomers
Join Master Gardener Chris Ferrero on Saturday, May 18, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. to explore how to maintain perennial borders, foundation plots and vegetable gardens that have been created and tended over the years. This course will teach participants how to reshape their garden design and how to choose appropriate types of plants that can improve the gardening process.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/gardening-baby-boomers-10-ways-garden-smarter-we-get-older-0


• May 18, 2024 - BBG - Beginner Birding and Naturalist Walk
Meadows are often a draw for certain species of birds that require open grassland space and prefer more open and edge habitats. Many native species provide important food sources for birds when they go to seed in the fall, but are also home to many larvae and other prey species that birds rely on during the springtime. This class, led by BBG's Education Coordinator Shannon Welch, will lead participants on a birding and exploratory experience in BBG's Meadow and Pond Garden on Saturday, May 18, from 7 to 9 a.m. Binoculars, good footwear and field guides are recommended, as well as the MerlinID app from Cornell if you have a smartphone.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/beginner-birding-and-naturalist-walk


• May 25, 2024 - BBG - Stonemasonry: An Overview
This workshop, led by Sam Mercier, will focus on the steps taken to start new projects and methods for fixing existing problems. The class will begin with a demonstration and Q&A, then participants will take a walk of the grounds, examining masonry and looking at techniques for fixing stone projects that have been worn down over time. After an in-depth look at the basics on the planning board and in the field, the instruction will move to masonry tools, finishes and fabrication. This will cover cutting stone with saws large and small, splitting stone, chiseling, and other finishes necessary in stone projects.
Link for info: https://www.berkshirebotanical.org/events/stonemasonry-overview-0


• June 20, 2024 - CT Hort - Knockout Natives with Sam Hoadley
Join Sam Hoadley, the Manager of Horticultural Research at Mt. Cuba Center, as he highlights knockout native species and cultivars from their trials. Top performers and favorites of Monarda, Phlox, Helenium, Echinacea, wild hydrangea, Carex, and Vernonia represent some of the best native plants for the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Sam will discuss their horticultural and ecological performance and will share important information on standouts that will make beautiful additions to your garden. This event will take place in Middletown and via Zoom.
Link for info: https://cthort.org/event/knockout-natives-with-sam-hoadley-june-20-2024knockout-natives-with-sam-hoadley-june-20-2024-live-and-on-zoom-elmwood-community-center-1106-new-britain-west-hartford-ct-knockout-natives-joi/


Virtual Offerings

• InsectXaminer from UMass Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment

Description: The InsectXaminer short video series hopes to increase the visibility of the beautiful world of insects, even those we consider to be pests in our managed landscapes. InsectXaminer will showcase the complexity of insect life cycles, cataloging as many life stages for each species as possible. The goal of this series is to provide professionals and land managers with footage that is helpful for learning the identification of insects throughout the season, rather than at any single point in their life cycle. Proper identification is key to successful management. If possible and caught on camera, important aspects of their biology and natural enemies will be revealed.

Follow this LINK


• BBG Virtual Learning

The Berkshire Botanical Garden offers several virtual learning opportunities for children, families, and beginning gardeners. See their offerings HERE


• NYBG At Home

New York Botanical Garden has a wide range of virtual events, plants guides, videos, and online courses. See the full list at NYBG-at-home.


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 ASLA- American Society of Landscape Gardeners - ctasla.org -

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Capital District Garden & Flower Show - https://flowerandgardenexpo.com

Cary Institute
 Cary Institute - Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies - www.caryinstitute.org

CACIWC - Connecticut Association of Conservation & Inland Wetlands Commissions - www.caciwc.org

 CIPWG - Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group: www.cipwg.uconn.edu

 Cornell Cooperative Extension - for information contact 518-272-4210

 CT NOFA - Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut - ctnofa.org - 203-308-2584

 GBC - Greenwich Botanical Center - https://greenwichbotanicalcenter.org - 203-869-9242

Hollister House Garden, 300 Nettleton Hollow Rd., Washington, Ct 06793 - 860-868-2200 - hollisterhousegarden.org

Mad Gardeners - madgardeners.org

 Nature’s Voice - White Memorial Conservation Center's outreach show about everything Nature. Every Sunday at 2pm on WAPJ 89.9 & 105.1 FM Torrington Community Radio

 NCNC - New Canaan Nature Center, 144 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, CT 06840 - 203-966-9577 - www.NewCanaanNature.org

Wild Flower Society
 NPT - New England Wild Flower Society - now Native Plant Trust, 351 Longwood Rd, Kennett Square, PA 19348 - https://www.publicgardens.org

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