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Mad Gardeners, Inc. is an organization of professional horticulturists and serious home gardeners. The Corporation is formed for charitable, scientific, and education purposes, including to promote and foster the appreciation and understanding of horticulture, botany, and related environmental and ecological concerns; to conduct educational programs and forums; to promote public education, the development of students, and the improvement of professional skill in the field; to provide support to schools, arboreta and other organizations qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and conduct any other activities and perform any and all acts which may be necessary, useful, suitable, or proper for the furtherance of the foregoing purposes.


Science Day

We organize this program annually for students at HVRHS in Falls Village. The 2022 Science Day was held on April 14. The fee of $25 includes lunch. Watch for information about next year's Science Day to be posted in February 2023 - or volunteer to help organize the event by contacting Ashley Hamilton,, or 203-788-4239. It is a lovely day. Those of us who attend often say it is the best MG event of the year.

Download the 2022 Science Day brochure through THIS LINK.


2022 Virtual Lecture:

Thank you to Dan Jaffe Wilder for his talk "Going Native" and thank you to all who attended! This lecture is available to members until Aug. 31, 2022. To access the lecture and accompanying plant list, click on "Members", enter your password, then choose "Members News and Events".
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Going Native with Dan Jaffe Wilder
sponsored by Mad Gardeners

The past decade has seen massive changes in the landscape industry. The days of landscapes dedicated to beauty alone are passing. Customers are demanding ecologically sensitive landscapes; they want reduced lawn, reduced maintenance, and greater wildlife value. In other words, they want native plants. But not all natives make good landscape choices; some are overly fussy about their habitat needs, others will take over small spaces, and plenty more simply don't resonate with all clients. Dan discussed how to work native plants into any landscape—from tried-and-true species to solution plants for hard-to-fill spots, he will discussed how to landscape with native plants successfully.

For more information about the lecture contact


2021 Virtual Lecture:

Thank you to Douglas Tallamy for his talk "Plant It And They Will Come" and thank you to all who attended! The video is posted below.

Douglas Tallamy: Plant It And They Will Come
sponsored by Mad Gardeners

a non-profit organization of professional and non-professional gardeners dedicated to promoting "appreciation and cultivation of plants, and the creation, conservation and maintenance of gardens and suitable habitats for such plants through educational programs and meetings.

LINKS—Here are some links from Douglas Tallamy's talk:
• Homegrown National Park—
• Native Plant Finder—



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