Mile-A-Minute Vine

closeupThe University of Connecticut MAM website describes “Mile-a-minute vine (Scientific name: Persicaria perfoliata, formerly Polygonum perfoliatum)” as “a highly invasive annual weed spreading across Connecticut. It outcompetes and outgrows native species, causing ecological and economic harm. The vine scrambles over other vegetation and can climb trees and posts. Mile-a-minute is deserving of its common name and its reputation as “the Kudzu of the North”—a single vine can grow up to 6 inches per day.

Mile-a-minute can cause major ecological problems:

  • overgrows and outcompetes other plants, shading out native vegetation
  • forms dense mats interfering with forest regeneration and seedling establishment
  • grows up to 6 inches per day in ideal conditions.”

For more information on MAM and to learn more about locating and controlling it, visit:

Mad Gardeners is involved in efforts to locate and eradicate Mile-a-Minute Vine. Click HERE to go to the MG Mile-a-Minute (M-A-M) site.


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